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This page explains how you can successfully and independently obtain a Vietnam E-Visa online, as the process and information available on other websites is ambiguous and confusing. Weve gone through the e-visa application process, and although there are bugs, it does work. Airlines and tour agencies can also apply online on behalf of their clients using the same portal. The following is a detailed account of what the E-Visa is, who is eligible, how to obtain one, and what international ports in Vietnam process the visa once you have landed. New e-Visa for Vietnam: Beginning February 2017 foreign tourists can apply for Vietnam e-visas (electronic visas). Under the e-visa program, tourists can apply over the internet for 30day, single entry electronic visas by paying a nonrefundable application fee online. E-visa applicants will no longer need an invitation letter from Vietnam. The aim of the new online e-visa Vietnam program is to reduce the barriers in processing visas, increase tourism to the country, and to compete with neighboring countries. The new e-visa, unlike the Phu Quoc Visa Exemption, will allow you to travel anywhere within Vietnam.

Vietnam has seen a surge in foreign tourists over the past 5 years with a growth rate of 46% and this trend is expected to continue as the country aims to be Asias

leading tourist destination by 2030. In 2016, China was the countrys largest foreign market with 2.2MN visitors, followed by South Korea at 1.2MN and Japan at 0.6MN.

Vietnam VOA (Vietnam Visa On Arrival) or E-Visa Vietnam?

Which one should you get?



1- Staying for less than 30 days;

2- Will not leave Vietnam (single entry)

3- No third-party agency.

4- Non-refundable application fee online

5- No Urgent Case, only Normal processing 3 days

6- Support by message offline in working time only, no hotline and email support

1- Staying for more than 30 days

2- Plan to stay in Vietnam (single entry) or leave Vietnam and reenter (multiple entry)

3- Need third party agency to procure invitation letter.

4- Refundable if the invitation was refused

5- Normal case 2 days, Urgent case for 1 day, 1/2 day, 1 hour or non-working time

6- Support online 24/7 by email, phone, chat

Current Vietnam Visa Exempt Nations:

Vietnam currently has a visa waiver program for citizens from 21 countries and territories (see table below) and it is expected that additional nations will be added

shortly. Chinese travelers traveling in organized tour groups can visit the border city of Mong Cai in Quang Ninh Province for up to 3 days without applying for a tourist visa as well.


Western Nations

South East Asia & Asia

1- Norwayless than 15 days

2- Swedenless than 15 days

3- Finlandless than 15 days

4- Denmarkless than 15 days

5- Germanyless than 15 days

6- Franceless than 15 days

7- Spainless than 15 days

8- Italyless than 15 days

9- United Kingdomless than 15 days

1- Singaporeless than 30 days

2- Thailandless than 30 days

3- Malaysialess than 30 days

4- Laosless than 30 days

5- Indonesialess than 30 days

6- Japanless than 15 days

7- South Korealess than 15 days

8- Philippinesless than 21 days


Vietnam E-Visa ProcessHigh Level Overview:

1. Make sure your country of origin / nationality is eligible for the E-Visa (see below)

2. Go to the official government websites to apply for the E-Visa (see below)

3. Upload your document images are in .JPG (photo and passport information page)

4. Follow the steps on each screen;

5. A registration code will be displayed prior to payment. Make sure you copy this code down.

6. Make payment. The Vietnam E-Visa total cost is $30.00USD ($25.00USD for e-visa+ $5.00USD credit card and service processing fee). You can use debit or credit.

7. Wait business 3 days while your e-visa application is being processed;

8. After business 3 days, check your email to get your e-visa Vietnam. If your e-visa

has been approved you will find the attachment PDF file to download from your email.

You will receive a notification in your email and sometimes it went to spam box so you can’t see, so if you havent received anything within 3 days, check for yourself manually.

9. Print the e-visa;

10. Enter Vietnam via one of the ports listed below.

11. Before 30 days, exit Vietnam via one of the ports listed below.

Please note we wrote this e-visa resource page for those who are considering visiting Vietnam. If you do not want to read the rest of this page and immediately apply for an E-Visa then click following button:


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